Comments from shrimpers who, when asked, “In which of the following areas do you do MOST of your fishing activity?” answered,

Atchafalaya/Vermilion Basin

We've already made adjustments.

We already pull the most fuel-efficient gear. There is no need for a refrigeration system if there is no product to catch. We are already forced to fish different areas. If we don't do anything about the fresh water there will be nothing in the future in the inland waters.

We Need Docks IN Cameron LA.

Training on how to increase your production or maximizing your catch.

Stop the construction of fresh water diversions in the Barataria Basin, so the Brown shrimp will grow, and also increase our price's at the dock so we can survive. Or buy us out, a buy out program. Contact "Lee Zurich, expose these individuals". Investigate, the corruption in the shrimping industry, somebody is paying off politician’s, like all the factory owners in Southeast Louisiana, They control the price's and they control us, and we ain't gonna take it no more.

Cleaner fresh water coming down the Miss River. Strike net fishery (put red fish back on commercial harvest only to certified commercial fishermen).

Allow fishermen to fish further offshore, extend 3 mile to 6 mile for inshore waters.

1) We need to reduce the freshwater flow thru the Calumet Cut.

2) Jetties need to be installed to channel the water further out to the Gulf.

3) We need a plan to reduce the shrimp imports.

Limit the number of crab traps to 500 per boat, allow them a 10% loss and they have (to) bring their junk traps in to get a new one. This will help everyone out by stopping the junk trap from fishing. It will help the crabbers out more than anything as well as shrimping by not having t0 deal with all the junk crab traps.

Crabs: No harvest of females ever!

Finfish: Give fishers red fish limit on trout lines. Red Drum and Black Drum are out of control.

Private water bottoms: Private water is a joke in my state of LA. The commercial license I buy should let me fish anywhere the tide flows or my commercial fish can swim!

Not enough enforcement on running of crab traps on weekends. Sport fishers are stealing. (signed by participant)

We need help!!!!! I make more money as (a) deckhand on a snapper boat than shrimping at my age, 59 years old. SAD. I'm 59 years old, I shrimped all my life with my own boat – F/V Good Gulf built in 1939 - 80 yrs old!!! I went shrimping twice in 2018 once for the May season and once for the August (season) didn't make no MONEY. Now I work deckhand on a commercial snapper boat F/V Seaquest. They have a IFQ permit for snapper at $5.00 a pound - grouper $5.00 a pound. Vermillion snapper - AKA B-liner $3.80 a pound. Been fishing on and off for the last 12 yrs. Shrimp in the summer and fish in the winter months. My question is why we as shrimpers can't get a fair price for our product!!!!! (signed by participant)

Stop shrimping at nighttime.

Crabber's job is to pick up abandoned traps and put lights on crab traps floats. Stop shrimping at nighttime in Bay.

Need to offer federal permits to shrimp past 3 miles. Open and close seasons according to shrimp (size) and not some shrimp shop owners. Open all areas closer so boats aren't constricted in 1 area.

Coastal changes are affecting fishermen to a large degree. It is the prices that are putting us out of business. We as fishermen know how to adapt to the coastal changes, and have been doing so for quite some time. We need better prices for a better product. I can get the product of good quality, still can't get the money for it.

Putting freshwater diversions in our area, not dredging what impact it will do to all commercial fishing and charter fishing including oysters - crabs - mostly shrimp. I solely shrimp it may put all of us out of business in just a few years to come. I'm 61 years old have owned a 90 foot steel vessel for 30 plus years. Sold and been in Lafitte Skiff for past 15 years. (They may put us out of business I have to move. Our biggest prob. is imported shrimp and our prices we need help and always falling on deaf ears. Faulty promises from the Senator coming down to our mayor. Please help.

Coastal changes is not the problem harvesting is. You want to talk (phone number included). These questions will not fix anything.

The price of wild caught shrimp should be 3x the price today or shrimpers will not survive! Only producers and dealers prosper.

Crabs should be measured by the body not by point to point. Recreational fishing shouldn't be able to keep under size crab's or fish. License should be taken away from those of (3) counts of thief of crab traps or crawfish.

Considering Retirement. There has been good times and bad times through my life. The worst is low shrimp prices. I'm sure that better times and catches will happen in future for our (illegible) (signed by participant).

The seasons may have to be adjusted so they allow all zones to open at the same time to keep from boats piling up in one area and wiping it clean. Better enforcement of double rigs in inside waters especially Cote Blanche, Atchafalaya, Vermillion basin. Consider raising the minimum size back to 65 count like it was in the 70's. Fresh water intrusion and the ever expanding dead zone is an emergency that needs addressing!!!

Note made below question #12: "Faster boats to pull trawls and better nets clean up the area in no time."

Note made in response to question #34:

"A) If we do not put rocks along the coast, there will not be any Louisiana left. The state is broke, can't do anything.

B) We have better nets and boats that pull faster and clean up an area.

C) Limit the number of shrimpers and crabbers, or put a longer closed season on shrimping and crabbing to let them grow."

Stop the import of shrimp from other country’s!!!

Note made under question #27: "Open red snapper season to those who want to commercial fish them. NOT just the HANDFUL who got it sewed up. This is not right.

Prices are high in stores, low as hell at the dock. Find out who the hell is wrong and fix it.

No out of state people.

We need to tax imported shrimp. Need to make a law for restaurants and fast food places (to) post where there seafood comes from. Larger labels on all seafood imported. Help protect estuaries for all seafood.

Close all waters at a certain time of the year where the bigger boats don't go out and catch all the big shrimp with eggs on them.

Need to offer federal permits to shrimp past 3 miles. Open and close seasons according to shrimp and not some shrimp shop owners. Open all area’s closer so boats aren’t so constricted in 1 area.

Fresh water diversion to build wetlands on the East side of the state. (Zone 1) The excessive number of crab traps in the Vermillion Bay has caused reductions in shrimp harvesting. The excessive numbers are generally at the cove areas of Marsh Island. Current “fishing practices” of local crab fishermen have them placing several hundred traps in the water. Old traps are not picked up. They are clustered & dropped without floats to hinder shrimpers and keep them out of certain areas!! The clusters of traps have reached the point of navigation hazards for boaters entering and exiting the Marsh Island Reserve.

We need to adjust the flow of freshwater that is coming down the Calumet Cut in St. Mary Parish. It is directly hurting our industry. We need to reduce the amount of freshwater or put up rock jetties going out 6 – 7 miles into the Gulf instead of dumping directly into our inside waters.

There is a need for Business 101 for those who roadside sell. They need to understand how to set prices. Need to know how to come together, get to meetings, learn how to advocate for a law and how to get things done in a professional manner.