A list of coastal adaptation strategies proposed by people in the shrimping industry; no state endorsement is implied.


Shrimpers recognize that the areas they fished in 30 years ago are not always the areas they fish in today. The areas they fish in today may not be the same areas they fish in tomorrow. With this movement come increased costs.

  • Making it happen: Modify vessels (refrigeration to keep catch fresh over longer distances, more efficient engines, modified or new harvest gear).

  • Making it happen: Obtain federal shrimp permits to shrimp in the Gulf.

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A better market will improve sales and prices, and this will help offset increased costs associated with traveling to new fishing grounds.

  • Making it happen: Country of origin labeling in restaurants.

  • Making it happen: Use sustainability certifications, such as “Certified Authentic Louisiana Wild Seafood.”

  • Making it happen: Develop new markets and products.

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This would help shrimpers gain access to funds for making improvements to vessels, gear, docks, and processing equipment.

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Members of Louisiana’s shrimping industry suggested these strategies during workgroup meetings in 2018 and meetings in January 2019. Give us your ideas about what should be added. Updates to these lists will be made periodically to reflect what we’ve heard. In July, we’ll present the ideas we gathered to the CPRA Board. Our updated report will be released in late 2019.