A list of coastal adaptation strategies proposed by people in the oyster industry; no state endorsement is implied.


As environmental conditions change and oyster grounds move, oyster fishers need to be able to move too, just as they have been doing for decades.

  • Making it happen: Lift the oyster lease moratorium and allow the state to
    offer new leases.

  • Making it happen: Turn some public grounds into leasable areas, particularly east of the Mississippi River.

  • Making it happen: Modify vessels to be able to fish farther from home port. Possible modifications include new systems of refrigeration and more efficient engines that burn less fuel.

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This type of oyster farming is extremely popular in the Pacific NW and is just getting started in the Northeast and the Gulf Coast.

  • Making it happen: Further develop hatcheries.

  • Making it happen: Further develop seed sources.

  • Making it happen: Offer economic development help so oyster farmers can modify vessels and gear.

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The insurance would apply to post-disaster recovery.


Members of Louisiana’s oyster industry suggested these strategies during workgroup meetings in 2018 and Taskforce meetings in January 2019. Give us your ideas about what should be added. Updates to these lists will be made periodically to reflect what we’ve heard. In July, we’ll present the ideas we gathered to the CPRA Board. Our updated report will be released in late 2019.