Comments from crabbers who, when asked, “In which of the following areas do you do MOST of your fishing activity?” answered,

Terrebonne/Timbalier Basin

Note made by question 1 (Commercial Fisher): "Shrimp, Crab, Fish". Note made by question 4 (Over the last 5-10 years): "Much worse since CPRA took control of diversions." Response to question 7: They will not be able to adjust without having a real voice and vote on coastal restoration projects and regulations.

No Barataria Decision. Do Dredging.

A buy out program. No Diversions. Sustainable price for [meeting] industry standards.

I would put a limit on crab traps.

Limit crab traps and licenses

Coming from the crabbing industry, I believe private crab leases should become obsolete. Every day we are losing more and more marsh areas to fish. In my area, there are many crab leases, and some lease holders do not even fish for crabs. And others have thousands of acres for themselves, but yet still fish the small areas that I'm reserved to. It's a must that has to be done with all the coast we are losing. A definite stoppage of issuing licenses is also a must. Many people are doing commercial crabbing as a “side job.”

As a commercial fisherman I once fished finfish. Then we were forced to change to other fishes like crabs and shrimp, and as a result our commercial finfishing hardly exists and the same is happening in the shrimp and crab... it’s not just coastal change and environmental, we have special interests that don’t want the commercial industry to exist (signed by participant).

I would put a limit on [the amount of] crabs [that could be caught] per day at 2,000 lbs. This would take pressure off of the crabs when they make their runs and keep price up at the same time. And I would also make vessel owners be in the boat for trips to try and stop people from having three and four boats out on the water at same time.

Have more closure for crabbing. Shut it down during winter Dec to Feb/March. Limit traps to 200 to 250 per boat.

#1 Put a limit on crab licenses. #2 Have a limit on land nets for shrimping or barges or anything stationary with no motor or no self-propelled. #3 Cut out leases for crabbers.

I'm 53 years old crabber and seafood MKT owner. There are (two) things that will help blue crabs. You're already doing one and that is #1 don't keep virgin females. Either open commercial fishing for red fish and black drum or #2 raise the limit on red drum and black drum. (Participant included phone number.) Give me a call if you want more help. *Bonus if you are truly seriously about bringing the crab population back. Do not keep female crabs that make it to gulf waters in February. Don't keep female crabs in the month of February. Let them lay their eggs.

I think the rules of processing catfish are "crazy." (signed by participant with phone number included).

Crabs should be measured by the body not by point to point. Recreational fishing shouldn't be able to keep undersized crabs or fish. License should be taken away from those [who have] three counts of stealing crab traps or crawfish.

I do support closure during blue crab season. Especially during the winter months. The catch is scarce at that time regardless. [Closures] Jan - March 1st week [will help] undersized crabs, v-crabs, small females etc... have a time period to regenerate. Harvesting several hundred pounds of factory size crabs also impacts the yearly catch.

Dear LSF, I appreciate y’all’s concerns regarding commercial fishing. The number one problem is price. The crabs hold a good price but the issue there is you have some fishermen are too greedy; they want to catch every crab there is and y'all know who we are talking about. The shrimp price is terrible. The sheds and fuel docks are "killing" the poor fishermen. Fifty cents pound for 70-80 count is sad very sad; I can grow potatoes and get that price. Bologna and lunch meat sell for way more than that. If y’all really want to help out the shrimpers, make the sheds give us at least a dollar a pound round. Again, thanks for y'all’s concern. Hoping the people with power change the way the shrimping industry works. We need it!!! (Signed by participant)

I strongly oppose the ban on harvesting "V-crabs." Due to changes and harsh conditions, the inability to harvest "V-crabs" leads to commercial crabbing being nonprofitable. If anything, coastal changes that are man-made are caused by commercial oyster harvesters' equipment destroying the foundation of the coast and crab traps. Seafood harvesters are consequently harming each other’s livelihoods due to little to no care from higher up powers. Thank you.

1) Stop drilling. 2) Stop changing things inside waters (signed by participant and phone number included).

I presently work on an offshore tug. I have held a commercial fishing license since 1982. I fish shrimp, crabs, and crawfish. I may fish catfish later, I sold my smaller boat, 27', and am presently finfishing on a 43' boat. I have over $130,000 invested in this boat. And will begin working it next year. I will be retiring from tow boating in 3 years and will then become a full-time fisherman. I intend to market to a select clientele for large shrimp, selling small shrimp to the dock. Crabs and crawfish to fill in the gaps. I would ask not to take my future earnings and living away from me, I have too much invested in my family’s future. (signed by participant)