Comments from shrimpers who, when asked, “In which of the following areas do you do MOST of your fishing activity?” answered,

Federal Offshore Waters

Within 10 years or so I predict shrimping industries will be gone (illegible) to work on shrimp boat. They need to train more people to know how to work in the shrimp industries

In 10 years there will not be any workers. (note made in Vietnamese)

In 10 years I will not have any deckhands working on the boat. (note made in Vietnamese)

Look at Maps from 15-20 years ago. Past double pipeline minimal change. Inside gone only difference was Carnarvon Syphon

Dig Barataria Channel Grand Isle to Lafitte! Fare price for product will solve a lot of problems. Bring back young fishermen. 68 count on white shrimp! Winter time at lease!


We need higher and better prices in the future for us to stay in business.

STOP blocking water ways with closures such as The Gulf Outlet.