Comments from freshwater fishermen who, when asked, “In which of the following areas do you do MOST of your fishing activity?” answered,

Barataria Basin/Southwest Pass & westward

The fishing industry will adapt to natural coastal changes, but man-made diversions will be the end of all fishing industries. Dredging is a much better idea. Dredge, don't divert!

STOP putting freshwater diversions and start pumping in the land. It’s land the same day. Stop screwing fisherman with freshwater diversions. If they worked, the Mississippi River would extend into the Gulf of Mexico so far you could walk to South America. Make redfish commercial again. Start looking into the monopoly that one person has on the shrimp industry and make some commotion so that the price can go up. STOP PUTTING FRESHWATER DIVERSIONS AND START PUMPING SAND IN. [You get] LAND SAME DAY NOT 200 YEARS FROM NOW.

Note made under question #30: (In response to "access to private water bottoms”) "This is a hot topic! The state of Louisiana owns water bottoms period! If you want to create an oyster lease you have to deal with the state WLF dept. If you want to build a camp in the marsh you lease a spot of land from the state that they approve, and you pay the state. This bull crap about individuals who claim they own main bayous and waterways and open bays is a joke to Louisiana. This state is in turmoil people." Note made in response to question #34: "This survey is falling on deaf ears people, that’s why I don't participate in your so-called fish surveys. They are useless and very biased - only certain captains are targeted so that’s why I do not answer your calls or reply to your mail - all numbers are blocked so don't even try! Louisiana is washing away so fast you have no chance to save it. By the time you engineer what you assume will work it will be gone. The only way to save any land is rocks, rocks, rocks, get it? Rocks!! Pump sand from offshore, oh yeah looks real good for 1 year, then it’s washing away. Wait til a storm hits, you will see nothing left. Sand is sugar in coffee, people! Go look at (illegible) beach. It’s all gone already. Coastal restoration is a joke. If you’re not using rocks, sand is washing away. [This] means no estuary for fish to eat. No marsh, no fish, open water means more tidal flow means more erosion means less areas to fish and less fish. It’s not rocket science. The Mississippi River made Louisiana - now it’s falling apart because no silt - no fresh water to grow marsh and land, and Louisiana dies. Like I said on deaf ears and wasted paper, ink, and my time. Good luck.

Please make tidal waters "open" to everyone and create laws to end protect coastal waters!

Dredge Don’t Divert

Stop charter fishing

Note made under question #15: "Your imports and factories control price. State been pushing can down the road for yrs." Note made under question #23: "Taking of rigs near beach has hurt the MC fishing." Note made under question #25: "It's steady all yr." Note made below question #30: "The taken of (illegible) off state waters have taken this away. East Bay will be taken out next and state waters will only have a handful of sign left where we had 100s.” Response to question #34: "U all better start pumping sand to make breaker in the inland water. (illegible) is open to Gulf. Red Pass is open to Gulf. All the cane growing along passes are DEAD!!! Look at the shrimp boats now. They are all 40' plus. (Illegible) shrimper can't do it anymore. It’s all open water. I could run out of junk any time telling you all but it will be “kick the can down the road” (signed by participant).

Support rigs to reefs, to create more productive fishing grounds.

Use the inside shrimping seasons May and August to clean up ghost crab traps. Have dumpsters at the docks for the shrimpers to throw all for traps in as they sell their shrimp. [Establish] a reasonable number of crab traps each fisherman is allowed to fish, and crabs will always have a better price for everyone. Me as a commercial fisherman should be able to sell red fish just like a charter fisherman does every day. They get to go out twice a day to get the limit, 2 limits for the day and sell them to their customers. Since they took gill nets away I'm not allowed to sell any! (Signed and dated by participant)

I am labeled as a commercial fisherman, but as in Question 2 you ask of me which fisheries does my business focus on. As a commercial fisherman I am entitled to fish all of the following instead of focusing on one. Blue crab is over-fished! - they are able to fish 365 days when other fisheries have seasons. They should also be limited to 350 registered traps per person. Charter fishermen are able to go fish all salt and freshwater game fish. Which is technically selling a fish banned from commercial fishermen for [doing] the same thing they are doing, depleting the population, by making multiple trips a day. And they are selling the fish to customers that fish with them. (Signed by participant)

Stop the polluters from polluting our waterways.