Comments from shrimpers who, when asked, “In which of the following areas do you do MOST of your fishing activity?” answered,

Terrebonne/Timbalier Basin

We've already made adjustments.

Stop the construction of fresh water diversions in the Bartaria Basin, so the Brown shrimp will grow, and also Increase our price's at the dock so we can survive. Or Buy us out, a buy out program. Contact "Lee Zurich, Expose these individuals". Investigate, The corruption In the shrimping Industry, Some body is paying off politician’s, Like all the factory owners In Southeast Louisiana, They control the price's and they control us, and we ain't gonna take it no more.

Stop fresh water diversions there are too much chemicals.

Note made by question 1 (Commercial Fisher): "Shrimp, Crab, Fish". Note made by question 4 (Over the last 5-10 years): "Much worse since CPRA took control of diversions". Response to question 7: They will not be able to adjust without having a real voice and vote on coastal restoration projects and regulations.

No Diversions

No Barataria Diversion. Do Dredging

Lots of mental and physical stress in industry. Fishing is hard work and need more fishermen to get (in the) industry. Need workforce development. Less young people in the industry. With LA fishing industry importance, need more workforce development effort.

It seems since hurricane Katrina the Morganza to the Gulf levee system has been built these levees have cut the estuaries in half and the water flow has changed in some places. I think it has limited the habitat for shrimp growth.

I can't see much of a future in the shrimping industry.

A buy out program. No Diversions. Sustainable price for industry standard's.

We need to try and stop as much imported shrimp into our states. Shrimp prices has been cut so low you can hardly make a living anymore on the water. Like in the 70's and 80's shrimp prices were a lot higher than they are now. I am about to try charter people out to fish for offshore fish instead of shrimping.

Maybe acquiring a freezer boat or freezer equipment, get bigger boat to go further offshore seems like the only answer doesn't look like we can control coastal changes. between these low shrimp prices, high fuel prices and coastal changes it looks like we are in trouble. Commercial fishermen need help. Than you (Signed by participant)

I can't read or write English. I don't understand much either writing a business plan. It is too difficult. Funds should be given to help me and us with purchase of equipment, etc. I would need someone to translate and help me write. It makes no sense.

Dear LSF I appreciate y’all concerns regarding commercial fishing. The number one problem is price. The crabs hold a good price but the issue there is you have some fishermen are too greedy they want to catch every crab there is and y'all know who we are talking about. (Foreigners) The shrimp price is terrible. The sheds and fuel docks are "killing" the poor fishermen. Fifty cents a pound for 70-80 count is sad, very sad, I can grow potatoes and get that price. Bologna and lunch meat sell for way more than that. If y’all really want to help out the shrimpers, make the sheds give us at least a dollar a pound round. Again thanks for y'all concern. Hoping the people with power (can) change the way the shrimping industry works. We need it!!! (Signed by participant)

Need to put a season on crab traps. My stepdad and I were among the first to use crab traps in the Terrebonne/Timbalier Basin back in the late 60's - early 70's. There's never been a season put on crab fishing. Those traps are in the water 24/7/365. There's a season on all other commercial fishing. I no longer fish crabs, but if I'd decide to do it again, I'd go back to doing it on long lines like we use to do before crab traps became popular.

1) Stop drilling. 2)Stop changing things inside waters (signed by participant and phone number included)


Foreign markets and cheap shrimp prices have done more damage to the fisherman than coastal change.

I presently work on an offshore tug. i have held a commercial fishing license since 1982. I fish shrimp, crabs, and crawfish. I may fish catfish later, I sold my smaller boat, 27', and am presently finishing a 43' boat. I have over $130,000 invested in this boat. And will begin working it next year. I will be retiring from tow boating in 3 years and will then become a full time fisherman. I intend to market to a select clientele for large shrimp selling small shrimp to the dock. Crabs and crawfish to fill in the gaps. I would ask not to take my future earnings and living away from me, I have too much invested in my family’s future. (signed by participant)

Decreasing limits on charter trips increase limits on black drum charter captains and deckhands should not be counted for limits. Limit the charter finfish licenses.

It all comes down to one word: Respect!! Not many people - and yes people have anymore respect for the shrimping industry. Stupid laws are made without any foresight. When I first began shrimping there was a size limit. Anything that was over 62 to the lb. was illegal. If any shrimper came to the dock after by passing the game wardens - which were seldom. The shrimp buyer would refuse to unload them. Changed the law - no respect. Another: letting boats pull 2-25' nets inside it’s not the nets that ruined inside trawl line - its letting 70'-80' boats work in shallow inside waters. Then drawing 5-6' of water grinding til they get stuck - pick up the nets and haul - ass back into the Gulf after the bottoms are ruined inside. If you think I'm just blowing smoke - check to see when skimmer nets were started - big boat ran all the single trawlers out the lakes - never having to turn - so run the little boat out. When big boats had to pull 1 net and turn like little boats everyone was equal. Erosion - blame the politicians. And the Corps of Engineers. They either lie (politicians) or always know better (Corps) - Us that see the changes are told: we are stupid. Things will never get better until people once again respect the industry that has been taken for granted (signed by participant and phone number included).

1) Protection levees through the marsh limit tidal flow to narrow canals. The shrimp population can be depleted in 1 night with a couple of butterfly nets.

2) Oyster program: Re-seeding is great, but why allow to seed and mark beds across canals and block areas from shrimpers? There is PVC pipe markers in the bays and canals. The PVC pipes are breaking at, or below the water line causing a major hazard for boaters and ripping shrimper’s nets. So many markers it is hard to navigate. I'm sure this is done on purpose!!!

3) Coastal restoration by putting boulders around barrier islands causes hazards. A hurricane washes away the sand and all you have left is a ring of boulders at the water line that you cant see at high tide. Example is (Wine Island) under the water hazard with (no land!!!)

4) Fresh H2O diversions from the Mississippi River should not be routed through canals, but the water should be dispersed through the swamp. The dead swamp will come alive with fresh vegetation and aquatic life. If diverted through a canal it will just kill the marsh. Be smart!!!

Need to offer federal permits to shrimp past 3 miles. Open and close seasons according to shrimp (size) and not some shrimp shop owners. Open all areas closer so boats aren't constricted in 1 area.

Stop the imports so shrimp prices can climb. Fuel up! Expenses up! Shrimp prices are dropping. Why are there people on the shrimp committee that own shrimp docks? I would rather see shrimpers and biologist only.

There putting fresh water diversion in our area, not realizing what impact it will do to all commercial fishing and charter fishing including oyster, crabs – mostly shrimp (I solely shrimp), it may put us all out of business in just a few years to come. I’m 61 years old and have owned a 90 foot steel vessel for 30 plus years. Sold and been in a Lafitte Skiff for past 15 years – (they may put us out of business or have to move). Our biggest problem is imported shrimp and our prices. We need help and always falling on deaf ears or faulty promise from Senator coming down to our own Mayor. (Please help)

The price of wild caught shrimp should be 3x the price today or shrimpers will not survive! Only producers and dealers prosper.

Having short shrimp season openings during closed months for 2 or 3 days and close back for several weeks, the shrimp tend to be larger for the first day or 2 then get smaller. This may make for a better quality shrimp and a better price as the buyer may compete more during these short seasons. Also something to this during the regular seasons as they do in Alaska. The prices never change during their seasons.

Crabs should be measured by the body not by point to point. Recreational fishing shouldn't be able to keep under size crab's or fish. License should be taken away from those of (3) count's of thief of crab traps or crawfish.

We need the price per pound for the shrimp

Need to bring the shrimp prices up!!! Support Louisiana shrimpers!!!

Need to make a season on oysters.

Improve shrimp prices.

Allow commercial fishermen to fish "reef fish".

Limit # of crab traps and improve design or go back to fishing with lines. Find ways for more breeding females to survive. Increase shrimp net mesh size (would allow more immature crabs, and fish and shrimp to escape. Better quality shrimp would also be caught. Increase size of shrimp also increases prices. Shorten or eliminate small shrimp season in Nov and Dec. Shrimp over 100 ct should always be illegal. Crab legal size should also be increased except for busters. A - (mature) breeders of all species should be protected more! Redfish have increased due to this. A cattleman keeps most of the breeders and harvests mostly the young. He has a steady new crop every year. (Just common sense)

Shrimping differs every year, one good year, other bad, it comes with the job. But B.P., river diversions that drop salinity, don't help. I make nets and try to improve my fishing ability, and drop fuel consumption. As far as B.P. I think there’s still oil sediments and soap on the Gulf bottom that affects the shrimp movement.

Because they still going to trawl small shrimp outside and mixed them up with seabobs. Keep price down because from Dec to March 1 they still trawling small shrimp at boatloads. March 1 they should (illegible) because shrimps stunt getting (illegible)

Limit ALL catch in shrimping and oystering per day. Shrimping 1000 pound per day. Oystering 35 sacks per day. Have more seed area.

#1 Put a limit on crab licenses.

#2 Have a limit on land nets for shrimping or barges or anything stationary with no motor or not self-propelled.

#3 Cut out leases for crabbers.

Note made under question #27: "Open red snapper season to those wo want to commercial fish them. NOT just the HANDFUL who got it sewed up, this is not right.

There is no question 35. You must be keeping it for yourself.

Note made below question #15: “Marketing is not the issue. Foreign imports have destroyed competitiveness. Cheap shrimp to processors is the norm then skyrocketing middle man prices to consumers has done significant damage”. Note made in response to question #34: “You are trying to save LA fisheries about 30 years too late. I do appreciate the effort though! I grew up on the water and it hurts my heart to see the amount of land loss that has occurred on our coast. There is no childhood nostalgia since all of the landmarks and methods of fishing are no longer there or not effective and efficient. I strongly oppose modeling the shrimp fishery after the foolish changes already done to crabbing. Really, professional courses for shrimping. We are already on life support! Additional layers of foolishness will only drive the next generation away but then again, that has probably been the goal all along. Too many licensed fishermen and too many unlimited non-resident fishermen has led to a spreading out of the resource. Instead of having weeks or days of good fishing, we only get about 1 or 2 nights of decent fishing per month. A few shrimp show up and they are gone in an instant because thousands of boats catch them in a few hours. Thank you for what you are trying to do!”

Prices are high in stores, low as hell at the dock. Find out who the hell is wrong and fix it

People need to stop worrying about sea level rise. We need to concentrate on river water diversions to maintain our lands and waters.

I do not feel qualified to answer due to lack of experience.

Shrimp are getting hard to find and the price of everything but shrimp keep going up. Soon we will have to find other things to do. Hope we can sustain for a while longer.

Note made under question #4: “MS Sound - Lake Borgne”. Note made next to question #6: “Catch crabs Trawling! No traps”. Note made under question #11: “Chandelier Sound, MS-Sound”. Note made next to question #16: “Can’t get license”. Note made in response to question #34: “Rock Jetties! Pump Back in the land!”

Let shrimp plant's dump shrimp peelings back in the water. Crab fishermen use the fish that eat the peelings for crab bait. There were more fish back then than they have now. Get rid of the TEDs. More shrimp are lost than caught. Other country's kill more turtles than we do.

Stop imports

Coming from the crabbing industry, I believe private crab leases should become obsolete. Every day we are losing more and more marsh areas to fish. In my area, there are many crab leases, and some lease holders do not even fish for crabs. And others have thousands of acres for themselves, but yet still fish the small areas that I'm reserved to. It's a must that has to be done with all the coast we are losing. A definite stoppage of issuing licenses is also a must. Many people are doing commercial crabbing as a “side job.”

As a commercial fisherman I once fished finfish then we were force to change to other fisheries (such) as crabs and shrimp. As a result our commercial finfishing (industry) hardly exists and the same is happening in the shrimp and crab... it’s not just coastal change and environmental we have special interest that don’t want the commercial industry to exist (signed by participant).

Put levees at coast. Pump sand from Gulf like Mississippi does. Put back barrier islands. Close up 4 Bayou & Grand Isles Pass wide enough for boats to go through. Build rock barriers from river to the end of La. Studies take too long and eat up money that can be used to build up coast. It was there before, till the storms took it away, pump it back & make land. Oil companies made to many canals not protecting the land.

My thoughts – Three mile line closing is a big joke because they still going to trawl small shrimp outside line and mix them up with Seabobs. Keep prices down because from Dec. to March they still trawling small shrimp at boatloads. March 1 they should open three mile line because shrimp start getting nicer.

Need to offer federal permits to shrimp past 3 miles. Open and close seasons according to shrimp and not some shrimp shop owners. Open all area’s closer so boats aren’t so constricted in 1 area.

No out of state people

Early opening of brown shrimp season. The lost of land\marsh have affected when they travel out into the gulf and we lose a couple of crops before the season opens. Late opening affects our catch.

Marketing won't help sell our shrimp. Flooding of our markets with cheap import shrimp is the problem. Also, greedy processors continue to capitalize on giving extremely low prices to wholesale shrimpers.

The states and the feds need to quit wasting time and money doing studies, they need ro use the funds they have to build land back where it used to be. We need to stop all imported seafood

too many crab traps and crabbers!!! The whole east side of the river is overfished for crabs and oysters. these fisherman have ruined the shrimp fishery . I have ripped countless nets on oyster poles bedding granite and crab traps. It upsets me to see what has happened in delacroix and the louisiana marsh. there are areas that I cannot even run my boat thru at night because of the overfishing. I can"t believe the WL&F has let it come to this!!!

There is a need for Business 101 for those who road side sell. They need to understand how to set prices. Need to know how to come together, get to meetings, learn how to advocate for a law and how to get things done in a professional manner.