Comments from shrimpers who, when asked, “In which of the following areas do you do MOST of your fishing activity?” answered,

Pontchartrain Basin


Stop the influx of fresh water, take the dam out at hopedale

Stop the construction of fresh water diversions in the Barataria Basin, so the Brown shrimp will grow, and also Increase our price's at the dock so we can survive. Or Buy us out, a buy out program. Contact "Lee Zurich, Expose these individuals". Investigate, The corruption In the shrimping Industry, Some body is paying off politicians, Like all the factory owners In Southeast Louisiana, They control the price's and They control us, and we ain't gonna take it no more.

State needs to adapt to us a bit

Note made next to question 4 (over the last 5-10 years): "Much worse because of fresh water diversion". Response to question 7: "Fresh water will put us out of business"

Note made by question 1 (Commercial Fisher): "Shrimp, Crab, Fish". Note made by question 4 (Over the last 5-10 years): "Much worse since CPRA took control of diversions". Response to question 7: They will not be able to adjust without having a real voice and vote on coastal restoration projects and regulations.

It's hard to change fishing practices because of the price of equipment and the prices we get for the product its not cost effective. Stop putting diversions

Dredge IT

Adjusting to0 changes that are occurring naturally isn’t that hard. Adjusting to these changes will be drastic and detrimental to our way of life. I cant pick up my oyster leases and move them somewhere else. Shrimping and crabbing may be a little less affected but dumping all that freshwater in our estuary will destroy them to!

Open the rock dam on the MRGO it is killing the lakes shrimping

I fear the industry is dying and cannot be fixed. You can adapt and make a few dollars, but there is no way a young man with a family can depend on shrimping and crabbing as their sole livelihood.

***Keep seasons closed until shrimp reach a bigger size. We aren't fishing for the canneries.

Open the Mississippi Gulf Outlet back the way it was, so water can flow.

Dredge Don’t Divert

There should be a crab season just as there is a shrimp season, in inshore waters.
Put a moratorium on charter boat captains and put a limit on their catches such as from
Trout to 15 or 20. They are on the water just about every day, sometimes twice a day. The charter boat industry is depleting speckle trout. Most of them catch their limit every trip. The inshore brown shrimp industry hardly exists anymore since the MRGO was closed. Salinity has to be increased in the inshore waters and Lake Pontchartrain. Possibly remove the rock dam at Bayou La Loutre.

Rock dam at Hopedale putting out of business. Need salt water.

Note under question #5: Will be over with diversions. Extinct with diversions.
Note under question #7: I will quit when the diversions start and Violet and Maurapas.
Notes under question # 8: Increase fishing for shrimp: won’t be any brown with diversions.
Increase fishing for oysters: Can’t, no leases and can’t get seed ground permit.
Note under question #15: But with diversions and spillway no brown shrimp anymore.
Note under question #16: Can’t, moratorium on leases and also state permit for public grounds *monopoly*.
Note under question #34: Shrimp imports have domestic prices very low compared to inflation for
equipment, fuel, motors, nets, traps, etc. With so much fresh water and spillway, MRGO rocks, etc.,
no brown shrimp in past 4 years. With freshwater diversions it will ruin the crab, shrimp and oyster