Comments from shrimpers who, when asked, “In which of the following areas do you do MOST of your fishing activity?” answered,

Calcasieu/Sabine Basin 

We Need Docks IN Cameron LA

The Biggest problem in Cameron is Dock space Plug No Name Bayou

Need City dock Marketing. go back Dredge oysters

Low prices No Docks to tie Boats too

Hear out all the proper people.

A set price for shrimp would be a good thing. Use to Vermillion opened before Cameron and that made them get the higher prices for their catches. By the time the 2 weeks would pass and we opened the prices would be at rock bottom and market flooded. Then someone had the 'bright' idea to open the season’s state wide at the same time. But instead of choosing a time closer to Cameron time they chose Vermillion time which our waters are still too cold and shrimp are 100+ count still. That caused our shrimpers to catch and inadvertently kill ours while trying to cull out enough to cover the cost of the trip. Next about putting refrigeration on the boats. This won't work. The space it would take up would be too much. Us inland shrimpers have smaller boats and space is a premium factor. Advertising what growth hormones, antibiotics, and all the human fecal matter (in imports) that makes into their waters just might do the trick about making it something to look on a label to find out where these shrimp come from, not to mention all the farming pesticides that they use. The land and water belong to mother nature and she has controlled it from the beginning of time. You can plant marsh grass and try to turn the tides but this planet is in constant change that can't be stopped, whether we caused it or not.

Stop blocking off tidal marshes where our seafood can live and grow and let mother nature to do her job!

Stop blocking off all the marsh land

Prices are high in stores, low as hell at the dock. Find out who the hell is wrong and fix it.

Open up all weirs, structures, and waterways to let the seafood into marsh to grow. That is the number 1 problem. Seafood can’t get into marsh to grow means no seafood for Louisiana!

All the shrimp are held back by all the weirs. No good shrimping in years. And the price per pound to us is very low. It’s sad. We have a 50’ iceboat and it burns very little fuel. The shrimp have been small for the past few years. (signed by participant with vessel number)