Comments from shrimpers who, when asked, “In which of the following areas do you do MOST of your fishing activity?” answered,

Breton Sound/South Pass & eastward 

You will adjust. It will destroy the ecosystem will never come back will be the worst time ever happen to La. and it people.

Workforce development - programs to continue the industry. Fuel and equipment increase in price, shrimp price needs to increase to be more attractive to next industry. Want to see (illegible) program, that can bring Vietnam immigrant worker so that current fishermen who are Vietnamese can train them to continue industry. Bleak future if no one continues the fishing tradition.

We need to build the coastline back. Rock off all the channels leading to the Gulf. Dredge and pump sand to build back. NO Diversions. If they work so good where is all the land at the end of all the passes that lead off the River in the Venice area. We need no new gear, we all have top of the line gear. Prices from the processors need to be looked into.

We been dealing with a high River for the last 3 to 5 years but this year been the worse it kills the (illegible) shrimper groups. This will put us out of business. Thank you

Stop the influx of fresh water, take the dam out at Hopedale.

Stop the construction of fresh water diversions in the Barataria Basin, so the brown shrimp will grow, and also increase our price's at the dock so we can survive. Or buy us out, a buy back program. Contact "Lee Zurich, expose these individuals". Investigate the corruption in the shrimping industry. Somebody is paying off politicians, like all the factory owners In Southeast Louisiana. They control the price's and they control us, and we ain't gonna take it no more.

State needs to adapt to us a bit.

Note made next to question 4 (over the last 5-10 years): "Much worse because of fresh water diversion". Response to question 7: "Fresh water will put us out of business"

Note made next to number 4: "Worst with diversion"

No freshwater diversion.

Money to help provide bigger boats for longer travel. Drift gear types such as chambered trawl door and special webbing to reduce cost in fuel consumption. Freezers on boats to be able to go further distances and hold shrimp longer. Establish co-op for fishermen to sell our product for better prices for our fishermen and not just the processors.

Look at maps from 15-20 years ago. Past double pipeline minimal change. Inside gone only difference was Carnarvon Syphon.

Leave us alone. Dredge Don't Divert!!!

It's hard to change fishing practices because of the price of equipment and the prices we get for the product, it’s not cost effective. Stop putting diversions.

Freshwater will kill eastern St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parish. Pump sediment via pipeline.

Dredge it.

Commercial fishing has provided my family a career for many generations. We have fished the same waters out of Delacroix Island for hundreds of years. Therefore, commercial fishing is so much more than just a job to the fishermen of this area, it is a tradition, it is in our family heritage. The fisheries we utilize are in brackish waters not fresh and not salt. Therefore building a diversion of this magnitude right in the heart of our fishing grounds will be absolutely devastating to our fishing community.

Coastal changes is not the problem. Taking species of seafood away from (is the problem). We are starving to death no one really cares.

Adjusting to changes that are occurring naturally isn’t that hard. Adjusting to these changes will be drastic and detrimental to our way of life. I can’t pick up my oyster leases and move them somewhere else. Shrimping and crabbing may be a little less affected but dumping all that freshwater in our estuary will destroy them to!

A buyout program. No Diversions. Sustainable price for industry standard's

Erosion is our biggest concern. The marshes are washing away and that is where everything lives and breeds so we lose that we lose everything.

There is no question 35.

Stop putting water diversion in the Mississippi River, the freshwater killing the oyster, finfish, crabs, and shrimp, to much freshwater. Want to build land pump it out the river or offshore from the coast. That build land a lot faster, the river dredges are away digging the river, instead of dumping the mud outside the river offshore. Start pumping it into our marshes. Grant would help to put refrigeration systems on our boats.

Stopping the imports on shrimp would be great!!!

The price of wild caught shrimp should be 3x the price today or shrimpers will not survive! Only producers and dealers prosper

Open the Mississippi Gulf Outlet back the way it was, so water can flow.

Dredge Dont Divert

***The coastal changes aren't our problem as much as these freshwater diversions are. These diversions will destroy our wildlife and marshes faster than any erosion could. If they double the size of the Caernarvon diversion and open it full blast like they plan on, Delacroix Island and all of its surrounding marshes would be under water. There would be no more wildlife. Our marine life are good at adapting to coastal erosion but they cannot withstand toxic freshwater intrusion on this scale. If this state really wanted to they could put our coastline back to what it was 70 years ago. They could wall off a small section at a time and pump, dredge and fill it in and move to the next section and on. Just look at what they did in Dubai. They build land into the ocean in the shape of a palm tree and the atlas. And I'm talking about hundreds of acres of land with hotel resorts on them. This state doesn't care about erosion or fisherman. The only thing our politicians care about is how much money they can steal from these so called projects.

Note under question #6: Fresh water will put us out of business.

Note under question #7: To any traps in water now. Need limit 300 per commercial license.

Note under question #12: Finished. Put all this freshwater we’re done in 10 years.

Note under question #a: Can’t get license back. Had one over 15 years.

Note under question #34:

Sorry about this page. Pet goat got to it (page is torn). Since freshwater diversions have been put (in) I’ve lost trapping land and every year my catches go down, not only from freshwater but just to many fishermen in the water, to many crabber's and traps. Now since BP oil spill every one owns shrimp boats, crab boats and more charter fishermen than you can poke a stick at. Price's for shrimp at the dock suck, got more money for my shrimp 30 years ago, now from fresh water can’t even work many places because of grass and if you can work. Got to watch out for crab pots. Think they need limit on traps, no more licenses for any crabber, and we need better prices for shrimp. More shrimp factories. If these diversions are opened we’re finished. Don’t matter what you do. It’s a shame that the commercial fishermen are in this position, it used to be a great living. Now where’s a study from the Corp of Engineers? To much fresh water not good. Mardi Gras Pass need's to be closed to. (Signed by participant).

Note made under question #4: “MS Sound - Lake Borgne”. Note made next to question #6: “Catch crabs Trawling! No traps”. Note made under question #11: “Chandeleur Sound, MS-Sound”. Note made next to question #16: “Cant get Lic”. Note made in response to question #34: “Rock Jetties! Pump Back in the land!”

Find ways to help the shrimp processors compete in the U.S. markets. Fresh water will push most of the shrimping out further to the point that many boats are to small such as my own 43'x16”. But we have more money in our boats than our houses and will need help to sell and buy bigger boats. Oyster and crab fishermen will be forced to compete for the same near inshore waters.