Comments from shrimpers who, when asked, “In which of the following areas do you do MOST of your fishing activity?” answered,

Barataria Basin/Southwest Pass & westward

We need to build the coastline back. Rock off all the channels leading to the gulf. Dredge and pump sand to build back. NO Diversions. If they work so good where is all the land at the end of all the passes that lead off the River in the Venice area. We need no new gear we all have top of the line gear. Prices from the processors need to be looked into.

We been dealing with a high River for the last 3 to 5 years but this year been the worse it kills the (illegible) shrimper groups. This will put us out of business. Thank you.

Stop the construction of fresh water diversions in the Barataria Basin, so the brown shrimp will grow, and also increase our price's at the dock so we can survive. Or buy us out, a buy out program. Contact "Lee Zurich, Expose these individuals". Investigate, the curruption In the shrimping industry, somebody is paying off politicians, like all the factory owners In Southeast Louisiana, They control the price's and They control us, and we ain't gonna take it no more.

State needs to adapt to us a bit.

Past laws against saltwater gillnets need to be re-evaluated. Fishermen need more options than just shrimping. Shrimpers may need to be issued more Federal Gulf Permits so they can go farther out. Fin fishermen need more access to commercially valuable species such as Red Drum. Some sort of funding should be in place for fishermen and communities who are put out of business when fisheries in their area are destroyed. Dredge - Don’t Divert.

Note made next to question 5: "No Money!". Note made next to question 6: "No Money". Response to question 7: "If we cannot catch anything where will the money come from to make the changes to my boat and equipment?"

Note made by question 1: (Commercial Fisher): "Shrimp, Crab, Fish". Note made by question 4: (Over the last 5-10 years): "Much worse since CPRA took control of diversions". Response to question 7: They will not be able to adjust without having a real voice and vote on coastal restoration projects and regulations.

No freshwater diversions.

No Diversions.

It's hard to change fishing practices because of the price of equipment and the prices we get for the product, it’s not cost effective. Stop putting diversions.

Dredge IT

Coastal changes is not the problem. Taking species of seafood away from us (is the problem). We are starving to death no one really cares.

Buy out program, pay more money, that won't happen. Buy out. Investigate. I get pains in my chest this is BAD for hard working people. No diversions.

Buy out BUY OUT.

A buy out program. No Diversions. Sustainable price for industry standards.

Stop putting water diversion(s) in the Mississippi River. The freshwater (is) killing the oysters, finfish, crabs, and shrimp, too much freshwater. Want to build land? Pump it out the river or offshore from the coast. That builds land a lot faster. The river dredges are away digging the river. Instead of dumping the mud outside the river offshore start pumping it into our marshes. Grants would help to put refrigeration systems on our boats.

Bottom line in shrimp is price. We cannot keep on with low prices. When shrimp prices are up everything else we can deal with. I have been shrimping over 40 years and see no future without a price increase.

The fishing industry will adapt to natural coastal changes but man made diversions will be the end of all fishing industries. Dredging is a much better idea. Dredge, don't divert!

"Diversions" = biggest problem. Davis Pond has decreased the estuary's capacity to support shrimp and other seafood to only 50% or less its potential!!! The mid Barataria proposed diversion will kill the greatest estuary in the U.S. All products have a sweet taste w/n it. It also killed the native salt water grasses and has increased land loss especially on North end where the pollutants from river are more prevalent in the river waters. Help us (signed by participant and phone number included). Call me I know been researching!

Need to offer federal permits to shrimp past 3 miles. Open and close seasons according to shrimp (size) and not some shrimp shop owners. Open all areas closer so boats aren't constricted in 1 area.

Our government is about to cause damage to the Barataria Basin fishing area by creating and opening fresh water diversion systems. This will cause a lower population of shrimp, crabs, fish, etc., if not eliminate those populations entirely due to their inability to survive in fresh water.

No freshwater diversions!!!

We need to increase the shrimp price.

Need to increase the shrimp price.

1) All seafood must be labeled with origin (country).

2) Limits on number of permits (fish), acre of water bottoms (oyster) crab pots, that one person or corporation, or family can own. Limit on number fish that can be caught per boat on a for hire charter. Ex. 4 men - 25 trout each is 100 fish caught - the boat limit would be 75 fish.

STOP putting freshwater diversions and start pumping in the land. Its land the same day. Stop screwing fishermen with fresh water diversions. If they worked the Mississippi River would extend into the Gulf of Mexico so far you could walk to South America. Make redfish commercial again. Start looking into the monopoly that one person has on the shrimp industry and make some competition so that the price can go up. STOP PUTTING FRESH WATER DIVERSIONS AND START PUMPING SAND IN LAND SAME DAY NOT 200 YEARS FROM NOW.

There putting fresh water diversion in our area, not realizing what impact it will do to all commercial fishing and charter fishing including oyster, crabs – mostly shrimp (I solely shrimp), it may put us all out of business in just a few years to come. I’m 61 years old and have owned a 90 foot steel vessel for 30 plus years. Sold and been in a Lafitte Skiff for past 15 years – (they may put us out of business or have to move). Our biggest problem is imported shrimp and our prices. We need help and always falling on deaf ears or faulty promise from Senator coming down to our own Mayor. (Please help)

Nothing to adjust. It's good.

Stopping the imports on shrimp would be great!!!

The price of wild caught shrimp should be 3x the price today or shrimpers will not survive! Only producers and dealers prosper.

Give Louisiana commercial fisherman the same opportunity as the out of state commercial fishermen that come to Louisiana to fish red fish and other fish species and bring back to their state and sell commercially.

***1) Reduce oyster leasing for more shrimpers.

2) Fine crab trap owners when crab traps are left without markers are as (illegible). Make them identify their traps like commercial fishnets.

3) Higher tariffs on foreign shrimp.

4) More fuel docks and shrimp docks for better competition.

Allow commercial fishermen to fish "reef fish"

Stop fresh water diversions because they do not work. They just pollute the water. Do something that works and does not kill a way of life for fishermen.

1. Diesel fuel prices too high! Barataria Basin mostly "white" shrimp now. We push harder with bigger H.P. engines to catch bigger more marketable shrimp. 5 gals per hour x 2.45 gal for low dock prices don’t add up. We need help with fuel first! Shrimp are there but cost are too high.

2. Pump sand/dredge on south side of Bay Barataria. We know the "new" diversion is coming from the river and will dump sand and sediment all through the lake but we need help near Four Bayou Pass now.

3. NO T.E.D.S. in skimmer nets!

Dredge Dont Divert

Stop imports of foreign shrimp. We get the same price as 20 years ago.

Pump sand not fresh water from the river to build land, build islands near the Gulf to stop the Gulf from washing our land away.

We want shrimp docks to buy shrimp at the right price and do not go down a size.

Keep dredging to make islands bigger. From Belle Pass to Calli0u Island.

Stop charter fishing

Would prefer to see sediment diversion over water diversion in the North Barataria/Myrtle Grove area. My last long trip (4 days) fishing inshore I worked (trawled) a total of 54 hours. "Day light hours only". I caught 6800 pounds of 60-70 count shrimp. I was paid 40 cents per pound. This was my cost expense break down (cost expense calculated on paper for fuel, ice, food/oil/supplies, net repair, and boat). So, for 4 days, working approx. 14 hours a day I netted $285. How can I make a living like this?? We need to stop the flooding of imported shrimp!!! We must start getting a fair price for our catch... In 2000, we were getting $2.00 per pound for 60-70 count.

I don't know if the industry will survive the erosion. There will not be any protected areas for growth of larvae. (Crabs shrimp, fish) protected estuary too much land loss, balance of water salinity.

Note under question 12: Can’t predict the future. Mother nature only knows. Response to question #34: If the barrier islands are not rebuilt and the major passes are not closed down to their past size 30 years ago then the shrimping will continue to get worst and worst each year. Reducing the Gulf passes will reduce the amount of saltwater flow in a 12 hour tidal flow. Thus reducing the salt water intrusion which kills the brackish marsh. The brackish water line will move south as it was for many, many years in the past. Shrimp prices are as they are because of wholesale dealers fixing prices in their benefit. Prices used to be supply and demand. Low at times of abundance and high at times of lulls. Shrimp prices are as low as they were 30 years ago and never fluctuate as in the past because the crooks and thieves who run the wholesale side of the business want to make all the money. Prices at the store have not changed in years. The wholesale people are dishonest and do not want to give the shrimp fishermen a fair price as in the past. My area (Lake Heritage) has not had any shrimp (white or brown) in the past 2 years. I have made "0"" dollars shrimping in the past 2 years.

No comment

The loss of marsh/land on our coast plus the increase of freshwater, the inland waters no longer hold brown shrimp and the white shrimp leave sooner than they used to. Last season we had no brown shrimp and a very poor and short white shrimp season. It’s been getting worse the last 3 or 4 years. Bottom line is if you can't fish the Gulf you are not going to make it. And if the price don't increase, the big boats will struggle. Need offshore boats and better prices. No hope for the little guy. Didn't see question 35.

There is no question 35. You must be keeping it for yourself.

No comment

With coastal erosion playing a big part in where we can trawl/shrimp I find it very unfair that it is nearly impossible for me to get an offshore permit. I have been a commercial fisherman practically all my life but I have shrimped in the inshore waters due to the fact of the way you can obtain an offshore permit. I would love to own a offshore permit but I don't have anyone to pass one down to me. I think all shrimpers that have the right equipment should be able to obtain a permit. When we are not able to fish the inside waters due to erosion where will we be? I have provided for my family this way all my life and it is scary to think one day I might not be able to. I think all fishermen should be treated equally! I also think the person with the permit should be using it. I think the overall permits in the Gulf should work this way. Whoever the permit is for should have to work the permit and not be able to lease/sell quotas out!

If the commercial shrimp fishermen could get a fair price for their product we would not have to catch as much shrimp to make a honest living. The shrimp Processer's are steeling our livelihood. Just like the Saints got Robbed. NO Flag's.

Redfish and Drum are feasting on shellfish and finfish. They are going unchecked and are wiping out anything that comes out the passes. We are losing the escapement from the marsh. Dolphins have learned to rely on sport fishing for food. They have become panhandlers. The trout released are gobbled up. No size limit for specks and a reduced limit. Also mullet numbers on coast have suffered. A 1 year moratorium on commercial harvest would help. (Signed by participant).

Note in “other box” for question #1: all of the above except charter boat operator.

Note under question #34:

I am labeled as a commercial fisherman, but as in Question 2 you ask of me which fisheries does my business focus on. As a commercial fisherman I am entitled to fish all of the following instead of focusing on one. Blue Crab is over fished! They are able to fish 365 days when certain fisheries have seasons. They should also be limited to 350 registered traps per person. Charter fishermen are able to go fish all salt and freshwater game fish, which technically (is) selling a fish banned from commercial fishermen for (doing) the same thing they are doing, depleting the population, by making multiple trips a day. And they are selling the fish to customers that fish with them. (Signed by participant)

No out of state people.

Low price of shrimp. Shrimping is hard because less shrimp. Supplies and fuel goes up. We commercial fishermen have no choice but to keep working because we love fishing. We don’t know anything but to shrimp. Needed a program to help commercial fishers get grants to help fix our boat when we needed help. We needed higher price of shrimp and less import.

They might attempt to adjust to changes but slowly realize it is a fight that the industry cannot win. The fishing business is going downhill and there is not enough support for industries to withstand the damage. The coastal changes and scientists’ way of dealing with these changes diminish any hope of the fishing industries getting back right to where they once was.

Put levees at coast. Pump sand from Gulf like Mississippi does. Put back barrier islands. Close up 4 Bayou & Grand Isles Pass wide enough for boats to go through. Build rock barriers from river to the end of La. Studies take too long and eat up money that can be used to build up coast. It was there before, till the storms took it away, pump it back & make land. Oil companies made to many canals not protecting the land.

Close off the pipelines running through the marsh shrimp can grow. Put up rock to slow the salt water moving in. The salt water is all the way to Hwy 23 in Port Sulphur. Maybe drill fresh water wells so they can drain into the canal to stop salt water from taking over.

Need to offer federal permits to shrimp past 3 miles. Open and close seasons according to shrimp and not some shrimp shop owners. Open all area’s closer so boats aren’t so constricted in 1 area.

It is typical of government to screw things up. Just take the fact that there is no question 35. When government people get involved in any industry it heads into trouble and likely over regulated or taxed. There is no industry be it environment, regulatory, or civil matters – all are poorly operated. The more you, the governing authority, involve yourself in our lives our standard of living drops drastically. (signed by participant including phone number, 50 plus years of fishing)

The state needs to take that $1.4 billion for the Barataria Basin diversion and build barrier islands back. If the river is supposed to build all this land that the CPRA claims, I would like to know where all the land is down the mouth of the river. The Barataria Basin is the most seafood producing basin in the state and when all that polluted fresh river water flows into this basin the seafood industry and sport fishing industry is done. Without the estuaries nothing will reproduce, ask the biologist. Maybe all the politicians in this state should take a class on how our seafood reproduces. No estuaries no seafood. Dredge. Dredge. Dredge. Water today. Land tomorrow. (signed by participant)

In the future the shrimp industries will be very bad because the shrimp will have no place to go to lay eggs and that will (illegible) the May season. Only offshore will be great because mother nature will find a way to keep it going. (signed by participant on front page)

The loss of marsh needs to be addressed. The volume of water going through the passes on tide change had gone up because the volume in the marsh had quadrupled. Need to lower this, not add to it by adding diversions. Dredge and build a lot of land.