Comments from crabbers who, when asked, “In which of the following areas do you do MOST of your fishing activity?” answered,

Barataria Basin/Southwest Pass & westward

State needs to adapt to us a bit.

Note made by Question 1 (Commercial Fisher): "Shrimp, Crab, Fish."

Note made by Question 4 (Over the last 5-10 years): "Much worse since CPRA took control of diversions."

Response to Question 7: They will not be able to adjust without having a real voice and vote on coastal restoration projects and regulations.

Develop crab ground leasing so crabbers can develop and raise crabs like crawfish to harvest when the crab are ready to be harvested. I know there will be challenges with trying to keep folks out. I [think] crabbers would take pride and help develop the crab population instead of taking everything they catch, and the future would [be] sustained.

Coastal changes are not the problem Taking species of seafood away from us [is the problem]. We are starving to death; no one really cares.

Buy out BUY OUT

A buy out program. No Diversions. Sustainable price for [meeting] industry standards.

All of the above options are good solutions for saving the future of these industries. However, to answer Question 33, training to help gain funds for improvement sounds great. Improvements will not work as long as our estuary is ruined with freshwater projects, such as it did to the oyster bedding grounds and other fishers on the east side of the river. (We should learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.)

All of the above options are good solutions for saving the future of these industries. However, our coast suffers a land loss of approximately one football field every hour. The more land that is lost, the harder it becomes for us fishermen to make a living. Loss of estuary will only allow for a harsher fishing industry. Fishermen will have to travel further distances through harsh weather conditions to harvest their product. As a result, commercial fishing vessels and equipment will need to be updated in stamina and durability. Our expenses will continue to increase while our income decreases. If the proper approach to saving our estuaries is not taken into action soon, it will be too late. Commercial fishing will continue to grow into a dying industry. Freshwater projects are not the solution to this problem.

Dredging not diversion. Build islands to reduce erosion caused by wave action. [Make it mandatory that] oil companies backfill all canals. New and old!

I surely believe that the best answer for us as crabbers is to put a limit on crab traps. It will stop the overfishing of crab and keep people from being on the water too much. It would cut down on the overfishing and pollution because they won't have 1-2 thousand traps in the water at one time. Having all those traps in the water at any time keeps people out there 5-7 days a week. I have 500 traps and am out there 3 days per week and make a good living. The people manning the crab task force are crab fishermen with a ton of traps and crab trap builders, so of course they will tell you that a limit is not the answer. Not having a limit on the amount of traps crab fishermen can have is fueling the greed that only another crab fisherman could see. There's just too many people fishing with too many traps.

Might help us, might hurt us, we will have to fish harder to make ends meet, it's in our blood, and we can't give it up.

Maybe a good idea is to increase the number of redfish that recreational fisherman can catch. Also, most important is that all commercial fishermen do their best to never pollute. And also never throw their "bait boxes" into the water. Thank you.

Our government is about to cause damage to the Barataria Basin fishing area by creating and opening freshwater diversion systems. This will cause a lower population of shrimp, crabs, fish, etc., if not eliminate those populations entirely due to their inability to survive in fresh water.

STOP putting freshwater diversions and start pumping in the land. It's land the same day. Stop screwing fisherman with freshwater diversions. If they worked, the Mississippi river would extend into the Gulf of Mexico so far you could walk to South America. Make redfish commercial again. Start looking into the monopoly that one person has on the shrimp industry and make some [illegible] so that the price can go up. STOP PUTTING FRESH WATER DIVERSIONS AND START PUMPING SAND IN. [THAT WILL CREATE] LAND SAME DAY NOT 200 YEARS FROM NOW.

I think that dredging would make land faster than doing a diversion. The Davis Pond diversion has been working for quite a while and it destroyed land instead of making land. Putting a moratorium on crab licenses is very helpful. Fishing redfish commercially would help crab population and give fishermen another means of income.

Dredge Don't Divert

Stop charter fishing.

#1: Only have a certain amount of crab fishermen that biological data supports. #2: Seniority is [the] priority, work the license system on X amount of licenses! Either sell your license or pass it down to a family member, a son or daughter who wants to fish. If #1 or #2 don't happen, eliminate that license! Sincerely (signed by participant). Commercial fisherman since 1984.

Shrimp boats shrimping within 1/2 mile of gulf coast should be prohibited. Destroying too many traps. Also red drum in gulf should be commercially fished to cut down on predation. (Signed by participant)

That's the problem; where's Question #35? I'm 53 years old crabber and seafood MKT owner. There are (two) things that will help blue crabs. You're already doing one and that is #1 don't keep virgin females.* Either open commercial fishing for red fish and black drum or #2 raise limit on red drum and black drum. (Participant included phone number). Give me a call if you want more help.

*Bonus if you are truly serious about bringing the crab population back, do not keep female crabs that make it to gulf waters in February. Don't keep female crabs in the month of Feb. Let them lay their eggs.

Use the inside shrimping seasons May and August to clean up ghost crab traps. Have dumpsters at the docks for the shrimpers to throw all their traps in as they sell their shrimp. [Have] a reasonable number of crab traps each fisherman is allowed to fish, and crabs will always have a better price for everyone. Me as a commercial fisherman should be able to sell red fish just like a charter fisherman does every day. They get to go out twice a day to get the limit, 2 limits for the day and sell them to their customers. Since they took gill nets away I'm not allowed to sell any! (Signed and dated by participant)

Open up all weirs, structures and waterways to let the seafood into marsh to grow. That is the number 1 problem. Seafood can't get into marsh to grow, means no seafood for Louisiana!

 It doesn’t matter how I feel as a processor, nor does it matter how a fisherman feels, the decision has been made, with no regard to the seafood industry and the families that it will impact.