Comments from freshwater fishermen who, when asked, “In which of the following areas do you do MOST of your fishing activity?” answered,

Terrebonne/Timbalier Basin

Limit the number of crab traps to 500 per boat; allow them a 10% loss and they have to bring their junk trap in to get a new one. This will help!!! It will help the crabbers out more than anything as well as the shrimping by not having to deal with all the junk crab traps.

How can people say La oyster are no good? When LDWF are giving people tickets and the oysters are good, and I never got sick. All this doesn’t add up. It's just a piece of shhh! Take that to the bank! It's the people that makes the oysters no good. Don't have to be a science teacher [to know] the people that drink beer and whisky are the ones that makes oysters no good. Because you can't mix oysters and liquids together. No good. It can harm you.

I think the rules of processing catfish are "crazy." (signed by participant with phone number included).

I would put a limit on crab traps.

Limit crab traps and licenses.

Note made below question #30: “We need to change the law.” In response to question #34: “I think that the State of La. is letting some of these landowners get away with too much. In one place that my dad took us fishing and hunting they blocked off now. Like the ponds that we fish now we are getting pushed out. They are talking about land expansion, but what about all the boats that are in there with gator tails and mud boats. So if they stop one, stop all.”

As a commercial fisherman I once fished finfish. Then we were forced to change to other fishes, such as crabs and shrimp and as a result our commercial finfishing hardly exists. Now the same is happening in the shrimp and crab... it’s not just coastal change and environmental; we have special interest that don’t want the commercial industry to exist (signed by participant).

I think that the trout limit should be reduced to 15 with a slot limit on 24” above fish. Redfish and bass have become my mainstay because of the fresh water. The crab traps should be limited to no more than 300 and run only by the license holder. The traps are so numerous at some weirs that they eliminate the ability to fish. Close the crab season during spawning time, just like frogs and other game. Protect the coast. The thin strip of land from the Atchafalaya River to Fourchon needs help before major bays become the Gulf!!!

The fishing industry needs to adapt to fishing in new areas because of erosion. The government needs to protect the coast from further erosion. There is a need to put up short and long-term repairs to the coast. Leave the politics out of this and just do what’s right.