Comments from freshwater fishermen who, when asked, “In which of the following areas do you do MOST of your fishing activity?” answered,

Pontchartrain Basin

I think it has changed in Lake Pontchartrain ever since the Mr. GO has been blocked off and brackish water can’t come in the lake and mix with the freshwater anymore for everything to reproduce like it used to before it was blocked off. That’s how the lake could get the salt life it needed, [which allowed] everything living in the lake to grow faster and be healthier.

Not certain at this time.

Open Morganza Spillway next time and give Lake Pontchartrain a break! Open season on Redfish. Open MRGO.

CanNOT have any more fresh water in Lake Pontchartrain. Open Morganza Spillway next time. Open MRGO. Open season on Red Fish.

Promote the sales of wild catfish, garfish, redfish.

Dredge Don’t Divert.

Diversion projects and the Mardi Gras cut have changed speckled trout migrations.

Install a gate or locks on MRGO to allow sea water to flow into Lake Pontchartrain in order to keep salinity levels sustainable. [This will allow] seafood to continue using the lake as an estuary like it has been for 100s of years. Remove rock from MRGO by Hopedale and Bayou LaLoutre. We need water circulation in the lake to sustain the proper balance of salinity for fish to live. Too much fresh water and runoff in the Lake

Encouraging more fishing for red and black drum is ridiculous. It is unfair to ruin one fishery just to make another one better.