Comments from crabbers who, when asked, “In which of the following areas do you do MOST of your fishing activity?” answered,

Atchafalaya/Vermilion Basin

We Need Docks IN Cameron LA.

Crabs: No harvest of females ever! Finfish: Give fishers red fish limit on trout lines. Red drum and black drum are out of control. Private water bottoms: private water is a joke in my state of LA. My commercial license I buy should let me fish anywhere the tide flows or my commercial fish can swim! Not enough enforcement on running of crab traps on weekends. Sportfishers are stealing. (signed by participant)

Crabs: Limit harvest on females. Finfish - Open more private waters, open a limit of red fish on trout lines. Shrimp: stop the dumping from China and other countries’ poison shrimp. Too many private water bottoms [are] open to only a select few, not for all commercial fishes.

I don't see crawfish as a species for wild caught. That is an issue and also there are no [opportunities] for the younger generation to be commercial fishermen. I feel it won't be around the next 20 years if conservation isn't done correctly.

1) First thing, no more "imported seafood." 2) No more licenses to sell catch at house that just drives prices down; catch must be sold at a licensed dock or dealer. 3) Lock in a minimum price on catch so we don't have to catch so much to make a living. Therefore, put a maximum # [on the amount] you can catch. 4) No more [harvesting] buster crabs.

I think something needs to be done about the fish (drum), and there's too many new fishermen. And maybe if Wildlife and Fisheries cared more about the commercial fisherman instead of sport fisherman our business would be a lot better.

Stop buster fishing altogether. Decrease crab traps to 300 [per person]. Make a season.

Crabs should be measured by the body, not by point to point. Recreational fishing shouldn't be able to keep undersized crabs or fish. License should be taken away from those [who have] three counts of [stealing] crab traps or crawfish.

#1: Only [allow] a certain amount of crab fishermen, that biological data supports them. #2: Seniority is [the] priority, work the license system on X number of licenses! Either sell your license or pass it down to a family member, a son or daughter who wants to fish. If #1 or #2 don't happen, eliminate that license! Sincerely (signed by participant). Commercial fisherman since 1984.

If the politicians would get the work done and not steal the money - things may change. Coastal problem - simple - years ago the politicians allowed the dredging of shell reefs that support and keep the (illegible) like it should do - they were too lazy stealing and pocketing the money - Now all of these studies to fish the (illegible) and money pissed away - will not fish (illegible) - "common sense."

That's the problem; where's Question #35? I'm a 53 years old crabber and seafood MKT owner. There are (two) things that will help blue crabs. You're already doing one and that is #1 don't keep virgin females.* Either open commercial fishing for red fish and black drum or #2 raise limit on red drum and black drum. (Participant included phone number). Give me a call if you want more help.

*Bonus if you are truly serious about bringing the crab population back, do not keep female crabs that make it to gulf waters in February. Don't keep female crabs in the month of Feb. Let them lay their eggs.

Need to set more punishment for people stealing and running your traps. A ticket doesn’'t do anything; they pay the fine and go back to stealing. [It should be that when] you get caught stealing the first time, [you get] a year in jail, next time five years. That's why fishermen can't make it.