A list of coastal adaptation strategies proposed by people in the crabbing industry; no state endorsement is implied.


New fishing areas may be farther from port than current fishing grounds, and industry members suggested these strategies for easing the transition.

  • Making it happen: Use new systems of refrigeration, both on vessels and in trailers back at port.

  • Making it happen: Use more efficient engines that burn less fuel.

  • Making it happen: Pursue general trap improvements.

  • Making it happen: Use buster-specific traps.

  • Making it happen: Increase access to private waterbottoms.

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Getting abandoned wire out of the water will make crabbers’ jobs easier.

Bait is one of the crabbing industry’s major costs; it often has to be purchased from outside Louisiana multiple times of year. Having a source of local bait would help offset the impact of reduced catches.

Fewer predators means more opportunities for bigger catches.

  • Making it happen: Encourage more black drum and red drum fishing.


This would keep the industry focused on people who receive a portion of their primary income from crabbing.

Members of Louisiana’s crab industry suggested these strategies during workgroup meetings in 2018 and meetings in January 2019. Give us your ideas about what should be added. Updates to these lists will be made periodically to reflect what we’ve heard. In July, we’ll present the ideas we gathered to the CPRA Board. Our updated report will be released in late 2019.